Anything goes - Whither sid ?

grady - 09.07.2009, 06:06 Uhr
Titel: Whither sid ?
Perhaps der Kano would grant us some comments in response to this (granted) strange question.

sid finds itself in "interesting" times this year.

For those of us still committed to sid, it would be helpful to revisit what you foresaw back in 2006(?) when you decided to depart sid.
Is it the present disorder which you foresaw? Is it worse, or better than you expected? And what is your present outlook for sid- do you expect the present high instability to be much improved by, say Christmas? Or ? - ?

As always, best wishes ... and thank you for your contribution to the great ride I've had since beginning with Knoppix in 2002.

Kano - 09.07.2009, 10:51 Uhr
Titel: Whither sid ?
I basically have got no time to test sid. I update major apps like wine even much before sid, pidgin, ntfs-3g, gparted and some others have got the same version. But i definitely do not backport KDE 4. Those backports usually do not hurt, only grub2 is a bit tricky as you usually have to use grub-install. The problem with sid is that it is unpredictable, some packages can break from one day to the other. It does not have to happen, but it can happen all the time. lenny broke one package (xorg) with a minor update too, but i fixed it relatively fast. When you look at a distro based on sid you need very much support for dist-upgrade problems, those kind of errors do not exist here with the small exception of a grub2 update in the last time. I like to test new things too, like absolutely latest kernels, i fix nvidia + fglrx scripts to make em run, but i dislike unexpected updates which can break the system just for the sake of getting a globally more uptodate system.
grady - 11.07.2009, 02:52 Uhr
Thank you, Kano.
That improves my understanding.

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