Kanotix Requests - Linux Tag

Tejas - 21.06.2012, 19:55 Uhr
Titel: Linux Tag
I've torrented the whole caboodle, but instead of four separate isos I've ended up with one great big one. It's annoying because I had hoped to get rid of two and run the other two from disk Böse
Kano - 21.06.2012, 21:08 Uhr
Titel: Linux Tag
You can use zsync to get single iso images like this:
zsync http://debian.tu-bs.de/kanotix/KANOTIX-LinuxTag2012/KANOTIX-LinuxTag2012-Dragonfire64.iso.zsync -i KANOTIX-LinuxTag2012-4in1.iso

the 32 bit ones are the mini ones.
Tejas - 04.07.2012, 12:48 Uhr
Titel: Re: Linux Tag
Kano hat folgendes geschrieben::
the 32 bit ones are the mini ones.
I did not quite undersatnd this. So instead I went to Hell & Dragonfire to do the download.

VLC Media Player in Dragonfire is a welcome addition. Smilie
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