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Titel: Necessary applications not in Hellfire (yet). UserX list.  BeitragVerfasst am: 05.09.2012, 00:36 Uhr

Anmeldung: 04. Sep 2012
Beiträge: 2

FYI, I installed Dragonfire to disk with no problems. However, it was the Hellfire dual-iso that failed at bootup on my machine. Go figure. I should probably run md5 on the ISO image and CD.

This is a great distro. There are many great things about this distro and community. I am enthusiastic to be here.


1. No bittorrent client? Really? I get a lot of perfectly legal content including Linux iso's over bittorrent. I have an open-source linux based e-reader and I read tons of books that are in the public domain.....Almost all of them are obtained over bittorrent. A bittorrent client is pretty standard and required in Linux these days.

Please add Deluge or Transmission or something similar. Kget works for downloading, but we might need something more feature rich if we need to share something ourselves.

2. No webcam? Cheese is by far the best. In some distros I have seen it have regressions, but if you test it then most people should be fine with it. There are a few other basic alternatives. A dedicated webcam application for recording video is essential. Even one of the lighter ones would help. Using VLC through some complicated backend tweaking is not ideal for 'on the fly' work that you are just going to delete in an hour.

3. A lot of people like nano for editing. I use vim when I need to, but I prefer the look and interface of nano for all the things it can handle. Its tiny, so it shouldnt affect the size of the iso really.

4. A notes program would be helpful. You can use a text editor, but I feel this is a sub-par solution. I do not usually use the 'sticky notes' style note apps, but I prefer the more journal like notes applications. I use it to copy how-tos and to keep track of installed sofware and scripts. I like having them all together in a 'notebook' as opposed to hunting down files...Sure, I COULD just make a neat folder for text edited documents, but it is a lot less convenient.

5. OTR should really be included for Pidgin, along with the other encryption addons. There was an exploit against otr, but I believe this was patched if you install the latest version. Tor should probably be included also, but it needs to be told not to start at boot. Tor also has a tendency to overrite user changes at upgrade, but if you port the latest version from the devs and add a 'no upgrade' option, then removing the daemon from autostarting should stay persistant after system upgrades.

6. I2P and Freenet are increasingly popular, for various reasons. If those applications were added, it would make this distro perfect for my basic needs 'out of the box' without needing to do a re-spin with the stuff I need.

7. Nmap should be included in every distro that connects to the internet. Unlike Nessus, Nmap is not primarily a blackhat or corporate pen-testing tool. I mostly use it on my own system to see if my environment is secure or not. I like to know what is running and what it is connecting to, or I do not feel safe. Zenmap is a good front end, but others are also good.

8. lsof is a mandatory application for observing connections and and services. If nmap is not included then lsof is really the bare minimum.

I see you have htop and a few other good ones, but lsof is a lot more simple for noobs. A simple lsof -i tells you what services are connected via tcp and udp, or listening. I am also investigating tools that check for layer 2 connections that bypass tcp/udp via a simple command like lsof.....If you know of any, please let me know.

9. Some encryption tools would be nice. Truecrypt would be ideal (not sure about legal stuff). Anything that would allow me to make encrypted storage for a live-USB, even if its just for saved files and not the home directory, would be helpful. GPG tools should probably be included. I use saphire and other less well known encryption tools that I do not necessarily expect to see in vanilla install, but there should be some tools to make envrypted conversation easier. GPG plugs into pidgin.

10. A lot of people would probably like a fallback environment if KDE is too heavy for their system. I personally am not a huge fan of KDE (sorry), but I have been warming up to it since the whole Unity/Gnome3 fiasco. I like XFCE a lot since 4.8 with compiz or enlightenment, but I am noticing that GTK in general is moving in a more invasive direction in regard to corba and 'networking'. This is not the fault of XFCE, but keeping these things out of an XFCE system is even harder than keeping them out of a KDE one.

Openbox is a 'functional' environment that barely takes up any space. Razor QT is still Alpha, but is a logical choice for a KDE distro. RazorQT works with openbox, ratpoison, enlightenment, and even KDE-Plasma. It seems like it would be pretty lite weight since you already have KDE dependencies installed.....Just regular old Openbox is a great fallback that takes up hardly any space if including alpha software is not desireable. RazorQT woudl give it a panel and widgets and a file manager.

100-300kb (before compression!) hardly seems like a burden when it is smaller than a single media player, which there are more than 1 of. VLC + Amarok handles everything, assuming you have the system resources. Of course it would add the complexity of a login option in the live session.

That is my top 10 list of requests for now. Hope to see a few of these things in the final release of Dragonfire.
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Titel: Necessary applications not in Hellfire (yet). UserX list.  BeitragVerfasst am: 05.09.2012, 11:57 Uhr

Anmeldung: 17. Dez 2003
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I had bittorrent included but the time changed and when you use it for other sources than you mentioned you can easyly get caught. I will not preinstall any filesharing tool that may harm users by default. it is not too hard to install those even in live mode.

I dont use nano and instead of using vim you can use mcedit, the usage is even simpler.

Well cheese, i did not need that app for years, nor did others mention it, the same applies to most of the other apps you want. Maybe i add nmap again but as noted before, it is absolutely unproblematic to install software on the fly. You only need nmap when you are on a network, very unlikely that you dont have got internet access then.

There is no truecrypt in debian, but you can use cryptsetup if you like that. gpg is always included as used by apt-get. as soon as we have got a new working buildserver (we have got the hardware but no sponsored place to put it) a lxde variant is possible.

You can be sure i will NOT create 10 differnet variants with other default DE. No distribution done by 3 ppl at max does that. In order to support it you have to use it, i definitely will not use all you mentioned just because of YOU.
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